Victoria & Vincent


So what is our secret? How can a small family owned business from Finland sell dresses hundreds of Euro cheaper than all other brands? Simple, thanks to you!

We started off with a mission: do something good for the brides out there by bringing high-end wedding dresses to a price range where more brides can afford them. So we cut prices by 30%. For most brides that means a ~400€ saving on their dress, i.e. paying only 800€ for a 1200€ dress.

Problem: we couldn’t afford to do any marketing anymore! Without a marketing budget people would never even hear about us…

The amazing V&V brides came to the rescue! People started sharing news about what we are trying to do for them. They told friends and most importantly shared it online. This became the unique V&V business model: what we save in marketing we give back to the brides who then help others find us.

Victoria & Vincent quickly earned a reputation as the best value for money bridal brand. Brides whose budget for their wedding dress is less than 1000€ but still want great quality and fit were started find us.

The big secret? We can offer our dresses cheaper because people help spread information about what we are trying to do for them. If they didn’t help us, our dresses would cost the same as everyone else’s.

About wedding dress prices and marketing

So why aren’t all brands doing what we do? Because it’s scary!

Many people don’t realise that marketing is the largest cost that is added into the price of physical products. It makes up 30% of the product’s price.

Manufacturing cost is only the second biggest cost after marketing at 20% of the product’s price tag.

Value added tax is the third biggest at ~20 % depending on country.

Logistics costs come in fourth biggest.

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We pay exactly the same for manufacturing our dresses as all other brands who make high-end dresses, so we know that cutting manufacturing costs isn’t going to give anyone much of an advantage. Only medium/low quality brands can streamline manufacturing enough to gain an advantage in manufacturing cost. (More about this in our quality guide).

Sidenote: Taxes favor low cost products always. You pay your government 200€ tax for a good quality 1000€ product (20%). Buying a 250€ low quality copy product lowers that tax to just 50€ (still the same 20%). This is the reason why good quality and low quality products have big price differences no matter what products you buy.

So, the power of our business model is that other high-end bridal brands can’t do what we’ve done unless they also cut their marketing spending by 90%.

Well, why won’t they? How many people do you think actively share news about a bridal brand before getting proposed or after their wedding? Yeah, not many. The weakness of our business model is obvious: Every year we must find the group of brides who appreciate what we are doing for them all over again, because the day people stop helping us with marketing is the day new brides no longer hear about us. It is scary to trust your future on the kindness of people you’ve never met.

To learn about the quality/price ranges of wedding dresses check out our Quality guide

Backless A-Line wedding dress that makes you feel like a princess. Very high quality lace.