Plus size wedding dress and a lace wedding dress-Victoria & Vincent

Our wedding dresses

All Victoria & Vincent wedding dresses use responsibly sourced extremely high quality materials. To us it is important to know where every lace pattern and zipper comes from.

The dresses are then carefully crafted to make sure every detail is perfect; most of the work is done by hand.

Our business model works only if our customers help the next customer find us. For example sharing our guides for brides helps us a lot.

Why not cut costs from quality?

A high quality wedding dress can only be experienced by seeing it in person. A picture can’t tell you how the tulle moves, how soft and detailed the lace is, how accurate the craftsmanship and especially how well the dress fits.

We encourage everyone to come see us at an exhibition or visit our resellers to see our dresses first hand.

We pay exactly the same for manufacturing our dresses as all other brands who make premium quality wedding dresses. We refuse to cut any costs in quality. We have an entire article dedicated to why quality is so important and issues behind lower quality wedding dresses.

Backless wedding dress with a V-neckline and a V-back. Much more affordable price than other wedding dresses with equally high quality tulle and lace. Medium support (4-8 support bones) for the chest and waist makes the dress comfortable and lightweight, but ensures the bride still looks her best. Color in the picture is Ivory / Nude / Cappuccino but this wedding dress is also available in all ivory.
Thank you from Victoria & Vincent Finland

Our small V&V team here in Finland would like to thank all those who have helped us during all these years.

You mean everything to us!