Plus size wedding dress and a lace wedding dress-Victoria & Vincent

So what is our secret? How can a small family-owned business from Finland sell wedding dresses hundreds of Euro cheaper than all other brands?

Simple, thanks to you helping spread the word!

Our business plan is simple:

  1. Cut the price of high-quality wedding dresses by 30%.
    (This means e.g. paying only 1000€ for a 1400€ dress).

  2. In exchange ask the brides to help us spread the word.

Why do we need your help?

To make this possible we had to cut that 30% the bride saves from our marketing. Our business model works only if our customers help the next customer find us. For example sharing our guides for brides helps us a lot.

Many people don’t realise that marketing is the largest cost that is added into the price of physical products. It makes up 30% of the product’s price.

Manufacturing cost is only the second biggest cost after marketing at 20% of the product’s price tag.

Value added tax is the third biggest at ~20 % depending on country.

Logistics costs come in fourth biggest.

vv pricetag 2019

Why not cut costs from quality?

We pay exactly the same for manufacturing our dresses as all other brands who make premium quality wedding dresses. We refuse to cut any costs in quality. We have an entire article dedicated to why quality is so important and issues behind lower quality wedding dresses.

So, the power of our business model is that other high-end bridal brands can’t do what we’ve done unless they also cut their marketing spending by 90%.

The weakness of our business model is obvious: if you don’t tell the next bride about us, they’ll never hear about us.

Backless wedding dress with a V-neckline and a V-back. Much more affordable price than other wedding dresses with equally high quality tulle and lace. Medium support (4-8 support bones) for the chest and waist makes the dress comfortable and lightweight, but ensures the bride still looks her best. Color in the picture is Ivory / Nude / Cappuccino but this wedding dress is also available in all ivory.
Thank you from Victoria & Vincent Finland

Our small V&V team here in Finland would like to thank all those who have helped us during all these years.

You mean everything to us!