How to prepare for a wedding dress fitting?

There are many things to consider when going to a wedding dress shop for a wedding dress fitting: Wedding dress delivery time, what to wear under your wedding dress, what shoes to wear and finally if you need a petticoat or something else that influences your dress fit.

In order to find the perfect dress, you’ll end up going to the bridal shop more than once. The first fitting is to find you the perfect dress. Finding a dress that fits your body and style is the goal. After your wedding dress arrives, you’ll need a second fitting where final adjustments are planned.

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How long are wedding dress delivery times?

Delivery times for bridal gowns are very long: 12 weeks or more. Time your first fittings preferably at least 6 months before your planned wedding date. At this point you don’t need to know much or have anything figured out. Just contact your local bridal shop and start the process rather too early than too late. They are the experts and they will give you much more information about the whole process.


Do I need to book a time for my fitting?

Yes, you should always book a time to try on wedding dresses. While many shops welcome you to just walk in, you get much more out of the process if you have a professional helping you find exactly the style you want, in the price range you want. Not to mention you can’t try on the dresses without help.


What underwear should I wear under my wedding dress?

Many guides recommend having your shoes and the exact undergarments you'll be wearing on your wedding day at the first fitting already. This is not necessary. If you plan on wearing a specific shaping undergarment, they are important at the first fitting because they affect the fit and size of your dress. If you haven’t already bought such undergarments, we recommend choose your dress before choosing the undergarments. A good quality wedding dress is very well supported. You may not need any shaping underwear or even a bra at all!

For the first fitting just wear seamless skin-tight underwear or a thong. This will help with getting dresses on and off easily. It’s good to remember that a regular bra can be worn under a bridal dress only if the dress doesn’t have an open or an illusion back.

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What shoes should I wear with my wedding dress?

If you can, choose your shoes before the first fitting. Your shoes will affect what length your wedding dress needs to be. When the bridal shop orders your dress, it helps a lot if they already know what length adjustments are needed. They may need to order your dress as custom length or include extra materials, such as lace in the order. If you don’t have your shoes chosen by the second fitting, then your only option is to choose a shoe height to match your dress length. You don’t want your shoes to show much from under the dress, but you also don’t want to step on your dress.

Wedding shoes

Do you need a petticoat under a wedding dress?

In most cases you don’t need a petticoat under your bridal dress. A petticoat will give the dress more volume and it can help you not step on the dress, but a good quality wedding dress should have volume tulle under the dress already, to create volume if the dress style requires it.

Just like with the underwear, we don’t recommend buying a petticoat unless the bridal shop recommends it for the specific dress styles you’ve chosen. The shop will let you try the dress with and without a petticoat so you can see the difference. One more reason why purchasing a wedding dress from a bridal shop is the safest choice.

Can I take a friend with me?

You can take a friend or a family member with you to help you choose your wedding dress but we’d recommend only one, maximum two. Only people who intimately know your style and the style of your planned wedding will contribute to the process. Everyone else will just complicate things. When you find a dress that fits you perfectly and you look amazing in it, the best thing is to commit to your choice and have the dress arrive early for adjustments.

Checklist for wedding dress fitting:

Checklist for wedding dress fitting:

  1. Schedule the first bridal shop fitting at least 6 months before the wedding

  2. Wedding dress delivery times are 12 weeks or more

  3. You don’t need special undergarments

  4. Wear seamless underwear for the fitting

  5. Choose your shoes before the first fitting 

  6. Wear your shoes at the fitting

  7. Usually, you don’t need a petticoat

  8. Take only 1 friend with you

  9. Remember to enjoy!