Where to buy your wedding dress from?

Is it safe to buy a wedding dress online? Should I go to a wedding dress shop? Should I buy a new dress or a second-hand bridal dress? These are just some of the questions we are going to answer below, where we go through tips for buying a wedding dress.

Buying a wedding dress online

Nowadays, almost anything can be bought online. One of the few exceptions are wedding dresses. Reputable bridal brands do not allow their dresses to be sold online for a very simple reason: there is a very low chance the dress you choose from a picture will fit well. In order to avoid unhappy customers and negative reviews you won’t find Pronovias, Enzoani, Elgantine Creations, Victoria & Vincent etc. wedding dresses anywhere online.

If you are wondering why the fit of a wedding dress is so difficult to get just right for your body, you can read about it in our guide to wedding dress styles.

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Buying a wedding dress from a bridal shop

A wedding dress shop is the safest choice for purchasing a wedding dress because you can try on multiple different dress styles until you find the one that fits you perfectly. If you don’t find one for your budget, you simply go to another shop to try on different brands until you find the dress of your dreams. This eliminates the risk of ordering a dress that looks amazing in a picture but just doesn’t look as good on you.

The complex fit of a wedding dress isn’t even your only concern. Your underwear, shoes, a petticoat etc. will all influence how your dress looks on you. The benefit of trying on bridal gowns in bridal shops is that you can test all of these things before choosing the dress.

Our article How to prepare for wedding dress fitting goes more into detail what to take into account before going to try on wedding dresses.

Don’t get scammed

Risks of buying your wedding dress online isn’t just limited to a poor fit. Many brides have learned the hard way that online reviews are often fake. A very common issue with online shops who sell wedding dresses is that they choose which reviews to publish. Negative reviews get published much more rarely than positive, skewing the truth.

If you are searching for a cheap wedding dress and that is the main reason you are interested in ordering your bridal gown online, we have few tips:

  • Many bridal shops have sample dresses from previous seasons which are often very affordable.

  • You can also ask them about second hand dresses or visit the nearest bridal outlet.

  • There are also white evening dresses that can work as a wedding dress especially with the right accessories.

Fake reviews

Final thought for all future brides: 

Have you ever wondered why wedding dresses are so expensive, why bridal brands spend tens of hours just to make a single dress, why so much of the dress has to be hand crafted?

They are selling you something you’ll wear on the most important day of your life, when both your family’s come together, all eyes are on you all day, hundreds of pictures taken, pictures shared in social media, pictures of you in your dress hung on walls and viewed years from now.

The bridal brands are doing everything they can to make sure your dress fits perfectly and you look better than you’ve ever looked in your life. If you want to know more our Guide to wedding dress price and quality is a must read.

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