Victoria & Vincent – high quality for reasonable price

Original article was published in Bröllopsmagazinet 2017 fall issue (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway). Translated by Apropos Lingua Ltd.

Over the last year Victoria & Vincent have been growing to a significant wedding dress manufacturer in North European markets. Kristian from Victoria & Vincent tells, how the great popularity among brides was achieved.

Bröllopsmagazinet have had the privilege to follow the journey of Victoria & Vincent from the beginning. How have you been able to grow and gain such popularity in such a short time?

There are many wedding gown brands in the markets many of which have beautiful and high quality dresses. We knew that we had to do something totally different if we wanted to rise as a significant European brand in only couple of years. We decided to bring gowns of which quality competes with 1200-1500 euro dresses but we price the dresses in a way that brides can buy most of them with a budget less than 900 euros. To accomplish this we needed to have a completely renewed business model but it was clearly worth it.

We have noticed that your gowns are really popular, what are your strengths?

Every bride who has tried on wedding dresses in a store knows that expensive top quality dresses stand out with their quality and fit. By bringing this experience of the quality to the clearly lower price range we got the brides and the stores excited. However it was a surprise for us how much the stores and the brides have helped by sharing information of us. It feels like people want us to succeed.

What differentiates Victoria & Vincent from other brands?

The manufacturing expenses of our gowns are the same with clearly more expensive brand, so we have to do practically everything differently so that our company can exist. We don’t have big fashion shows or guests drinking champagne in marketing events. All the extra has been eliminated and what we can save in our expenses we give to brides and stores as lower prices. We don’t have an actual marketing worker either, and that’s why it’s been so incredibly important for us how people have shared information about us in social media.

How is your current collection?

The new collection is created in collaboration with the stores, like the previous one was. We are so grateful for the stores for sharing a huge amount of customer feedback on which basis we can design our collections directly based on the brides’ wishes.