Guide to wedding dress quality

– what every bride needs to know before buying a bridal gown.

Affordable vintage wedding dress with sleeves from Victoria & Vincent. White bridal bouquet.
A romantic A-Line wedding dress with a V-neckline. Perfect for a church wedding.

If you are searching for an answer to questions like:

  • How much does a wedding dress cost?

  • What is the difference between a good quality and bad quality wedding dress?

  • What type of wedding dress would look good on me?

  • Where should I buy my wedding dress from? Is it safe to order it online?

We have the answers for you.

Quality and price

Wedding dresses can be divided into 3 groups based on how they are manufactured: (note: this applies to Europe only. For our American friends things get a bit crazy…)

  • “High-end dresses” are manufactured by a small group of very exclusive manufacturers and brands compete to become their customer. Each high-end dress uses good materials and requires tens of hours to make. Their fit is far superior to the other groups; they can make you look amazing even if you don’t have the perfect body. They work well in larger sizes also. Their only downside is price.

    Prices range is usually from 1100€ to 4000€.

  • “Medium quality dresses” usually have fairly good materials but they have been designed to be much more simple with fewer cuts, fewer details and less support. The simplified design hurts their fit but also allows them to be manufactured quick and cheap. They can look good especially if you have a great body. They are often available only in small sizes.

    - Price range is usually from 400€ to 1100€.

  • “Low quality dresses” are often sold only online as wedding dress shops won’t do business with these companies. There are many issues with this category including poor quality, poor fit and poor human rights for the workers.

    -Their prices range from 100€ to 400€.

Quick tip: If your budget is under 500€ you’ll get the best value for money by getting a good quality white evening dress. That can work well for a wedding with the right accessories and you can get one from a reputable company without supporting child labor or other criminal activities.

So what wedding dress style should I choose?

If you’ve read through a handful of online guides on how to choose your wedding dress, forget everything you’ve read! It doesn’t help you to think are you a square, triangle or watermelon shape. The fit of a wedding dress is much more complex than that.

Wedding dresses are heavily supported and cut to form a specific shape. They are not designed to follow your body shape, they reshape your body.

If there was only one thing we could teach future brides it would be:
How the wedding dress fits determines if you look good in the dress or not. Trying on bridal gowns is not just a tradition. It is necessary if you want to find the perfect dress for you!

You are not limited to any specific style no matter what your body type is.

The most common mistake soon-to-be brides make: they choose a dress based on a picture and stick with their choice. Until you have tried on the dress and few other dresses, keep your options open. That perfect looking dress might not be perfect on you. (Not to mention you should never trust pictures anyways). Dresses from different brands have different fit, try few bridal gowns from at least two different brands before making up your mind.

A vintage wedding dress with shoulder straps and pockets! Very high quality mikado.
An A-Line wedding dress with long sleeves.

Where to get your wedding dress from?

Nowadays, almost anything can be bought online. One of the few exceptions are wedding dresses. Reputable bridal brands do not allow their dresses to be sold online for a very simple reason: there is a very low chance the dress you choose from a picture will fit well.

A wedding dress shop is the safest choice because you can try on multiple different dress styles until you find one that fits you perfectly. If you don’t find one for your budget, you simply go to another shop to try on different brands until you find the dress of your dreams.

Final thought for all future brides: Have you ever wondered why wedding dresses are so expensive, why bridal brands spend tens of hours just to make a single dress, why so much of the dress has to be hand crafted?

They are selling you something you’ll wear on the most important day of your life, when both your family’s come together, all eyes are on you all day, hundreds of pictures taken, pictures shared in social media, pictures of you in your dress hung on walls and viewed years from now.

Even the bridal brands are doing everything they can to make sure your dress fits perfectly and you look better than you’ve ever looked in your life.

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*This guide was inspired by, and uses sections from an article, link to original